Sharing is Caring

In Korean cuisine, just like in most Asian cuisines, sharing dishes is a fundamental part of eating together. 
There is no set sequence of how dishes arrive. Just share whatever comes first. 

Grilled to Perfektion!

Grills just the way you like it. Food tastes best if it’s browned. Avoid burning your food. If it happens, simply cut away the black spots. 

Cut it!

Scissors are for cutting. In Korean BBQ, you can use scissors to cut your food into mouth-sized pieces. Knives are not needed. Simply cut...cut...cut...delicious!

‘‘SSAM’’ it up!

SSAM means “wrapping” in Korean. Wrap your grilled food in salad leaves, add sides and whatever you fancy. Be creative but always eat it with your hands.


After all the hard work...

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